About me​

It was only in recent years that I really realized how much I enjoy being out in the mountains with people and sharing my enthusiasm for them. That was the impetus for me to undertake mountain guide training at the rather unusual age of over 50. Today, this allows me to pursue my passion as a profession and pass on the knowledge, experience and safety I have gained from my training, many years as a mountain and air rescuer and my countless experiences in the mountains.

Engineering is another passion of mine that has accompanied me throughout my life. After many years in the automotive supply industry, where I held positions ranging from design engineer to managing director, I switched into the mountain sports industry in 2011. I currently support Salewa, Wild Country and Dynafit as a consultant for innovation and safety. It’s really a return to my roots, as even as a boy I built most of my climbing equipment myself – so today I’m once again developing my own “toys”.
I was born and still live with my family in the small mountain village of Tiers am Rosengarten in the Dolomites.